Sabado, Marso 6, 2010

It's My First Year!

Whew! It's been a year since I started writing here in my blog. After  365 days, 50 posts were shared or a cool average of at least 4 spots a month. This day was a celebration but also a time to remember the 1st year death anniversary of Francis Magalona. May your soul find peace now man!

This coming season, I wish to create more exciting, funny, unique and senseful posts for you.

Thanks & let my fingers continue typing.

Martes, Pebrero 23, 2010

Humanap Ka Ng Panget of Andrew E, Orig Or Copy?

In the early 90's, rap music became an instant hit among Filipino music lovers. During this time that the likes of Francis M became a byword and his songs caught our attention. Another rapper finds his way to the hearts of Filipinos. Andrew E became an overnight sensation with his debut song in 1991, "Humanap Ka Ng Panget", topping the charts. Music stations frequented with requests to play this song which catapulted Andrew E to the mainstream of music scene.

This song was his gateway to success as he also penetrated the showbiz world with one hit after another.

I can't disregard the fact that I also admire him with his wit and humor injected in his songs. But just recently, in Mo Twister's blog post, Oh No Andrew E!, the secret behind the hit song "Humanap Ka Ng Panget" was revealed. Many said that it was already became an issue before but nobody really cared. But after seeing the video of Cash Money's song in 1988 entitled " Find An Ugly Woman", I too had second thoughts if Andrew's song is really original. The melody and the lyrics were almost identical that you might say that Andrew E's "Humanap Ka Ng Panget" was the Tagalog version of "Find An Ugly Woman".

Just check out the lyrics below;



(Toc-tic) 3x


You don't stop)


(You don't)

(You don't)

(You don't stop)

(Hit it) 4x

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

Man, find an ugly woman, and make her your wife

I mean ugly, so bad you can't look in her face

So fat she can't go down and tie her shoe lace

Now the reason that I say this, is simple and plain

All the pretty girls, man, they just play games

With your mind and your time, they're not with it

Cause if you ain't got no money, then you might as well (hit it)

But with an ugly girl, man, they'll simply adore ya

Like you can mess around and they'll still be there for ya

Cause you're all she has, and you're all she can get

So run out and find yourself an ugly chick

They'll be honest all the time, so boy, don't pursue her

Cause she's ugly as hell, nobody'll talk to her

So what she's a (bat) and a Godzilla (creature)

But it's not how she looks, it's how the girl (treats ya)

So if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

Man, find an ugly woman and make her your wife

Cause pretty girls'll have you cryin the blues

But when a ugly girl leaves (she ain't nothin to lose)



(You don't)

(You don't)

(You don't stop)

(Hit it) 3x

Now here's a time of my life I won't forget for the world

When Cash hooked me up with this ugly girl

He said (Marv, she's bad, and she's a musical producer)

But I shoulda known with a name like Medusa

When she opened the door, man, it wasn't even funny

Cause the girl reminded me of King-Kong Bonnie

Bald-headed and fat, boy, she blew my mind

But she captured my heart (why) cause she was kind

Sat me down at the table for a bite to eat

Gave me a rose and a kiss on the cheek

My mind was in shock, man, I thought I was dreamin

Cause everytime I looked at her, I felt like screamin

I thought about leavin, but I stopped and chilled

Just thought to myself: can this be real?

She's not pretty at all, but she treats me like a king

(Is that why you care for that ugly thing?)

Yeah Cash, you probably dog her and call her a creep

But you know what? (what?) beauty's only skin deep

And no matter what you say, man, she seems to be sweet

Cause I've been datin her now for the past three weeks

So if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

Man, find an ugly woman (yup) and make her your wife

Cause pretty girls'll have you cryin the blues

But when a ugly girl leaves (she ain't nothin to lose)

See. Try to listen on his music video on and judge for your self if "Humanap Ka Ng Panget" is original or just a carbon copy of "Find An Ugly Woman"

Sabado, Pebrero 13, 2010

Academy Forever In My Memory

Transferring from one casino branch to another is not new for me. From my assumption in work in 2002 as a Surveillance Monitoring Staff, I've been with 5 different branches through 2007. When my position was dissolved in the later part of '07, I was given a chance to work in Corporate office, a dream for any Pagcorian, for that matter.

I now had to throw away radio and forget about acting like a cop. I must now learn how to operate computer, prepare training materials and do monthly inventories. So much about banned personality. Welcome to Asian Gaming Academy!

When I first set foot inside the spacious room of AGA, I didn't know what to expect. I'm not used to converse in front of audience. I don't have any idea on how to teach or facilitate trainings. Lo and behold, I was given a job, which from the beginning of my interview in the selection process, that I honestly didn't like. But I had to learn the ropes of being a Training & Development Clerk. From preparing training things, requisition vouchers, job requests, monthly inventories to coordinating attendance of staffs, in & out of documents, name it, a clerk should know it. That is on top of filling in the absence of driver and messenger.

But I do have a great time working in the department. For one, It made me realize that I can do office work. Working under time pressure and deadlines made me perform better in such circumstances.

Also, working in Corporate became rewarding for many reasons. First, there's no work during Saturdays and Sundays. You can also enjoy long week-ends because of Holidays. A shuttle bus will ferry and fetch you from work to your house. You will not feel the 10-hour work because you can always find time to relax in between hours.

Aside from all this benefits I experienced, my stay in the Academy was worth looking back.

I will forever remember the people I've worked with inside AGA. Sir Arnold and Mam Dolly, who opened the door for me here. Mam G.I., for being kind all throughout my stay. Jeff, for being so generous in many ways than one. My break time buddies Sir Dennis and Tolits. Jun, for being a good friend whom I can give my trust. Didith, same blood running in our veins. Sir Boyet, for the letters, advices and knowledgeable conversations. Liza, for the never-ending follow-ups. Jane, for being such a nice girl. Sir Jets, for being cool. Sir Boni, for his kindness shown in many occasions. ThezDa, my classmate in BPA. Julie, just learn how to relax and don't take work so serious. Ma'm Cookey, for believing in me. Sir Rick, also for being so generous. Sev, for me, still remains as my friend despite the misunderstandings that happened. Tekla, I consider as one of my bestfriend, someone I can open up. And of course, Doc, for teaching me how to get credit cards and obtain loans (but I consider my very good friend).

As I embarked to a new journey in life, I will forever be grateful to AGA for accepting me in. I may have a lot of shortcomings but I can honestly say that I performed, the best way I can. My decision to leave was not just for the sake of my family but also for my own personal growth. I always believed that God designed the course I had to take in life. It's now my call how to find it.

Thank you AGA! Thanks for the memories! 

Linggo, Enero 31, 2010

How Sweet It Is!

Ahhh.... finally.....a college degree I can be proud of!

Last January 27, 2010, I received my diploma as a degree holder in Public Administration. I walked with pride inside Justo Albert Auditorium of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

Almost 3 years ago, PLM opened it's doors to undergraduates working in the government through their Distance Learning Program for the Degree of Bachelor in Public Administration. Luckily, our agency, PAGCOR, is one of those granted to be part of this along with other government entities like the Manila City Hall among others. Upon knowing the program, I quickly grabbed the opportunity and took the entrance examination. More than a hundred passed the exam so PAGCOR decided to put up 4 sections, me in section 1, ehem!

February, 2007 was our first day in class. A memorable first subject, Intro to Public Administration, which is a requisite to continue the whole course. Mr. Osido, our professor, was a perfect baptism of fire for us. He not only made us listen but also study harder which I can attribute to his teaching style.

Along the way, I started to feel the load and difficulties I'm going through. First, I had to sacrifice my day-off, which is a Sunday, to attend the class. Second, I had to finished my assignments and research works while doing my job at the same time during breaks in office hours. But the most, I believe everyone in the class would agree, is the memorization. For me, it's just a thing of the past. Memorization is already a distant memory!

Subjects involving numbers like Intro to Accounting and Taxation 1, made me scratched my head a lot.

Outside the two, everything was just easy for me. Public Fiscal Administration, Government Planning & Control, Urban Development Process, Management Information System and even Human Resource Management presents topics that interests me. Everyone in the class is cooperative & participative that made the discussions very interesting. Though we laugh on some classmates with favorite lines like Sir Lito's " what is ironic", we learn a lot through the exchange of ideas coming from different experiences shared in the class.

Also, a lot of memorable events took place or classmates leaving funny memories. I will forever remember, Mr. Delgado's coffee & fish offering to our professors. Mr. Benedicto, who's always the first to pass his paper during examinations. Mr. Tiquio's Wanders tickets. Our resident attorney, Mr. Lagabong, who mesmerizes all of our teachers. Mr. Calingasan's story as a retired Army. Ms. Evangelista, who was voted as the most beautiful in the class. Mr. Del Pilar, asking for our payments. Ms. Tuazon's nervous recitation. The ultimate "pasaway" in the class, Mr. Coronel. And of course, Mr. Global crisis himself, Esteban Mora.

This diploma I received not only symbolizes the course I've finished but my dream to be a good example for my children. Maybe, I committed a bunch of mistakes before but that doesn't prevent me from realizing my goal in life. Time is never a problem. Age is never an obstacle. Money is never an issue. What all of us just want is to finish what we've started many years ago.
Congratulations BPA Graduates!

Lunes, Enero 11, 2010

Ooppss, My Kid is Growing Up!

Seeing my eldest daughter, Kyllie, preparing herself for her near graduation in grade school on March, made me think that I started to really aged. I’ve observed a lot of changes on her for the last couple of years. She can now wear her moms dress. Her feet is exactly the same as her moms size 6. She just want to stay in the house rather than go with us. Before, she asked P 10.00 to buy candies and chocolates, now she asks money for her cellphone load. But the biggest reason of my realization is when she asked her mommy to buy “modess w/ wings”.

I can’t help but remember all the stuff she did as a young kid. Blessed with dancing skills, she always perform in fiesta in our place. She dance impromptu in her school. But her biggest or shall we say, the highlight of her showbiz (?) career happened when she was 5 up to 7 yrs. old.

She had a lot of VTR tests before landing her first project, the Clusivol commercial. The said commercial also produces a space in newspaper and a billboard in MRT station. 3 paychecks in one project, not bad! Next came a starring role in Jollibee, TeenOlympics, toys included in Kiddie Meals. She was chosen among 100 hopefuls for the role. A separate audition was held for the role of her mother wherein the main requisite is to look similar to my daughter. Super Ferry project was a better one since the shoot will be done on board the ship going to Cebu. At the same time, the contract is much better than the first two.

Breaking in commercial stints, she now auditioned in Little Miss. Philippines in Eat Bulaga. I personally went with her in Broadway Centrum and what a nervous feeling I experienced! Talent is not a problem, my concern is the question and answer which she did quite well. She won the daily round but was not that lucky in the monthly finals.

A modelling opportunity knocked on her which we quickly grabbed. Touring SM malls, they modelled Disney Princess stuffs, from dress to toys. A great experience since all the kids that were part of the show where known commercial models.

She also joined the EVER Kiddie Star and made the final cut. She eventually lost in the final selection where the winner is the relative of.... never mind.

She was also engaged in some print ads, appeared in the sitcom Quizon Ave. and played as one of the students of Sharon Cuneta in the movie “Caregiver”.

Such a colourful childhood life for my first daughter, any kid would wish to have. At the moment, she seems to lose the appetite for lights and cameras. I just want her to focus more on her study and give emphasize on personal growth.

I knew that she already passes that stage but on a sad note, I realized that I started to get old. But in a very fruitful way, so to speak.

Miyerkules, Disyembre 30, 2009

One More Glimpse In 2009

Whew... in just 9 hours and 40 minutes, 2009 will say goodbye and the year of the tiger will enter. A promising 2010 is just within reach. But before we officially put year ’09 in the archive, let’s made a final glimpse on the year that I can describe as equally momentous and ghastly.

Tears, terror and triumph summarizes the year that was.

Our country greeted the year 2009 with the abduction of three Red Cross volunteers in Mindanao, probably a prelude of things to come. Nine months after, Father Michael Sinnott was kidnapped in Pagadian City though released after only a month.

One of the most talked-about news in the first part of the year was the suicide of Trinidad Etong, wife of the famous newscaster Ted Failon, inside their house. Different versions of her death were speculated and we saw how QCPD made a feast out of the celebrated case.

Known as “The Master Rapper”, Francis Magalona died last March 6, after a long “Happy Battle” with leukemia. He was expected to take part on the most anticipated concert in 2009, “The Final Set” of the Eraserheads in Pasay City. But before he passed away, Kiko managed to make a collaboration album with Ely Buendia known as the” Sickos Project”.

Another controversy that became so popular and probably the most talked about not only on television but also on cyber space was the Katrina Halili- Hayden Kho sex scandal. Kho’s penchants for recording his sexual acts with his girls were documented. A senate inquiry was lunched that resulted to the revocation of his doctors’ license.

Richard Gutierrez met a vehicular accident in Cavite City in May while driving his car. His long-time P.A Nomar Pardo was thrown out and was later declared dead. The family of Pardo filed a case against Richard after the settlement issue among both parties.

After disappearing in 2 years, Ruby Rose Barrameda, sister of actress Rochelle Barrameda, was found inside a cemented drum along Navotas river. The primary suspect of the gruesome murder was his strange husband belonging to the influential family of Jimenez.

The world weeps as Pop Superstar Michael Jackson collapsed at his rented mansion and died last June 25. His death was a big surprise since MJ is preparing for his final concert tour dubbed as “This Is It”. Jackson’s memorial was witnessed by 31.1 million U.S. audiences comparable to the 2004 burial of President Ronald Reagan.

Another popular figure died a month after. Former President Corazon Aquino, the mother of democracy, succumbed to colon cancer. Her funeral lasted 8 hours passing through the streets of Manila, Pasay, and Makati to her final resting place in Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque City.

On the same month, Executive Minister of Iglesia ni Cristo, Ka Erano Manalo also passed away in his home at age 84. A mausoleum was built in INC Tabernacle beside the bronze statue of his father Felix Manalo.

The Arroyo government faced another controversy when National Artists protested her latest inductees. Past National Artists rallied signifying their objection in naming the likes of Carlo J. Caparas in the prestigious award.

Last day of July was a big day for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as finally, she met face to face newly elected President of the United States Barrack Obama.

In GMA 7 program Unang Hirit, Presidential son Mikey Arroyo was put into the hot seat when Winnie Monsod questioned his net worth. His houses in U.S. and other assets were also mentioned.

The arrival of former Senior Superintendent Cesar Mancao in the country signalled the re- opening of the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. Senator Panfilo Lacson, who was inflicted on the case made a damaging statement about the alleged involvement of former President Joseph Estrada prompting Senator Jinggoy Estrada to retaliate.

The worst typhoon to hit the country enters the Philippines area of responsibility in the night of September 26. Typhoon “Ondoy”, devastated Metro-Manila, pouring a record-breaking rainfall in just several hours. Not only town were submerged in the water but also cars and houses. Ondoy left P 11 billion in total damages and 400 persons dead.

Still recuperating from the Ondoy tragedy, Typhoon “Pepeng” followed next. Pepeng swept Northern Luzon. Making the matter worse is the opening of the gates of several dams making the flood rise higher and quicker.

Two couples decided to exchange “I Do’s” this year. Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos had a private wedding while Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez shared their wedding day with the victims of Ondoy.

Romeo Jalosjos and the Aquino-Galman suspects were granted Executive Clemency in November and March of this year, respectively.

November 23, will forever be remembered as the day were 57 people were killed in the Maguindanao Massacre. Primary suspect Mayor Andal Ampatuan was arrested pointing to the election as the cause of the brutal killings. 12 days after, the Arroyo government declared Martial Law in the whole province sensing that a government take-over might take place.

Two sea tragedy hog the headlines in December while Mayon volcano was in the news for the entire month.

2009 was good for Philippine sports particularly in boxing. Described as the Golden Age in Boxing, this year produces several champions in the squared ring. Manny Pacquiao won his unprecedented 7th title in the same number of weight class putting him on top of other celebrated boxers in the world. Boom Boom Bautista, Donnie Nietes, AJ Banal, Brian Villoria, Nonito Donaire and Ana Julaton were some of our World Champions this year. Phillippines placed 5th in the just concluded Southeast Asian Games after winning 38 Gold medals.

These are just the events that took place in this action-packed 2009. On my personal experience, this year is one of the worst I’ve been through, family-wise.

Great expectations are waiting for the coming year. Let’s greet 2010 with open arms and bury the bad memories of the past.

May the Good Lord bless and shower us this coming year.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Miyerkules, Disyembre 2, 2009

Wishful Thinking at 33

For the past two years, there’s no celebration or whatsoever on my b-day. November 30 is just too close to my sons December 9th b-day that I would rather spend for him. Just forget about the usual gathering I had in the past or beer drinking session with my friends. Sorry guys!

With the evolution of our surroundings, from El niƱo phenomenon to climate change, I considered myself half dead at 33.

In this time, where a possibility of computers taking over the whole world, the last of the Moses clan is nearing its end.

In spite of this, I’m still very optimistic of my future not only for myself but for my family. I list down some of my simple dreams. Some are weird while some can be achieved.

Let’s browse down;

1. A tour around Liverpool England where my favourite band Beatles originates.

2. A courtside ticket in one of Cleveland Cavaliers game (of course to had a closer look at Lebron James).

3. To do a documentary about how the less fortunate people go through their everyday life and expose how much politicians earn during their term in office, illegal money in particular.

4. A conversation with former Senate President Jovito Salonga.

5. To own a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo.

6. One night with Megan Fox.

7. A visit to Wild Card gym in Los Angeles, California.

8. A spot for me to write in Sports Illustrated.

9. To undergo training of Navy Seals, as they say is the best in the world.

10. To be involved in manhunt operations against the ruthless criminals in the country like Gov. Ampatuan.

11. Ghost hunting at Manor Hotel in Baguio or Corregidor.

12. Dive into the site of the wreck of Titanic.

13. A premier ticket of the movie Toy Story 3 (for my son).

14. Jamming with the Eraserheads (double wish, indeed).

15. One on one with UFC Brandon Vera.

16. Trek the summit of Mt. Everest.

17. To be part of a sitcom like Palibhasa Lalake.

18. To drive the LRT train, he,he.

19. To have lots of money to be given all over the country.

20. To be a model of Bench.

21. A day with idol Michael Jordan.

22. To be an agent ala-007, not Johnny English.

23. To be a respectable lawyer.

24. To participate in the oblation run.

25. To meet my childhood friends and former classmates.

26. To see my kids continue the values we inherited from our grandparents.

27. To ride a roller coaster which is one of my fear.

28. To perform in Talentadong Pinoy.

29. To build bridges and buildings.

30. To learn magic tricks ala David Blane or Chris Angel.

31. A poultry down South.

32. A big jump from a helicopter.

33. To be a director even for a short film.

I still thank God for who I am in spite of the many shortcomings I had in my entire life. Thank you Lord, Thank you for the blessings.